At the Museum of Darien, kids and families are treated to “Hands-On History Fun” and connected to the town’s past through school field trips, hands-on activities and yearly celebrations.

On any given day, visitors might encounter volunteers donning colonial garb for a school field trip, librarians from Darien Library huddling with youngsters for Spooky Stories, high school students conducting tours of the old homestead, or kids churning fresh butter during one of our special events.


The Museum of Darien, formerly the Darien Historical Society, allows visitors to experience our colonial past and engage with the town’s history at the historic Bates-Scofield Homestead.

The Museum is open, in-person, from Tuesday to Thursday from 11 AM to 4 PM, during internship period, these days and times will be adjusted accordingly.

June 2023 Interns will have the unique opportunity to assist with the Darien 5th Grade school field trips. This will involve learning the many stories, history, and fun facts about town and assisting the education team on the field trips. There will be approximately 10 field trips per week, over the three week long internship. In addition, student interns will work on research of old homes, videos of the Bates-Scofield homestead, and other museum projects.

Elementary School Students

The town’s third graders are treated to an annual field trip, designed in partnership with the Board of Education, for a day filled with hands-on learning. In the fifth grade, students jump on a bus with our Education Volunteers for a whirlwind tour of the Darien’s historic sites. We also offer birthday parties, crafting events and story times with the Darien Library.

History Kids of Darien

Youths are invited to join the Youth Docent Program, where they learn how to conduct tours of the Bates-Scofield Homestead.

For more information call us at 203.655.9233 or email