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Annual Meeting

Please join us as we discuss the highlights of the past year and share some exciting plans for the future.

Membership will vote to approve a new board member.
Board Candidate:
Cynthia Stamm

Immediately following our Annual Meeting:
“Leaving Connecticut, Shaping America”, A Lecture by Walt Woodward, Connecticut State Historian emeritus, followed by a reception.

Between 1780 and 1830, tens of thousands of Connecticans left our state to “begin the world anew” in places like Pennsylvania, Vermont, western New York, and especially, the Connecticut Reserve of what is now Ohio. In the process, they took the culture of their home state with them, and gave the nation a strong and indelible Connecticut character.

In this fast-paced and copiously-illustrated talk, Walt Woodward discusses the reasons behind Connecticut’s massive outmigration, the distinctive attributes of the people who chose to leave, and the very serious concerns their removal raised for those they left behind.

Given the very serious concerns state leaders have today over the outmigration of Connecticut’s younger generations, this is a timely topic that will leave you with much to talk about.

Please RSVP by Oct. 25 to Emily Koch, Assistant Director: or at (203) 655-9233