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Darien Over the Top

Please come visit us at our new pop-up exhibit, Darien Over the Top: A Selection of Aerial Views of 1926 Darien! You’ll be wowed by these shots from the Photographic Map created for the Town of Darien, courtesy of Charles Rumpf, CE, Superintendent of Roads and Bridges.

One of the many photos include the crossroads where the New Haven Railroad, the Post Road, West Avenue and Tokeneke Road all came together and, inevitably, became the hub of Darien. Stores, the bank, livery stables, gas stations, town hall, even a hotel or two gathered around where there had been practically nothing in the old days. Just across West Avenue from the Westbound station was Tilley’s Bird Farm, with a picturesque lake displaying exotic waterfowl from around the world.  The old Scofield’s Inn, built in 1791 to serve the stagecoach trade, is on the corner of Tokeneke Road and Old Kings Highway. (The old sign from the inn is displayed in the Museum!)

Another photo is a beautiful view of Great Island, soon accessible to the people of Darien!

Come see them all, including more shots of town before the advent of I-95 and so much more that has become the Darien of today. Truly amazing!

Darien Over the Top can be viewed Tuesday through Thursday, from 11am-4pm, until the end of August.