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Doors of Darien

Doors open, doors close.
With every door, there is a story.
Those stories become our history.

Artist, Kate Muir’s drawings and paintings of her favorite Darien doors, will be showcased along with the community’s submissions.

Kate Muir commented on her artwork and the theme of Doors of Darien“A doorway provides our first impression of a building. Traditionally it is also the focus of color and decorative detail on a facade. Darien’s doors reflect the growing permanence and prosperity of the town. In this exhibition you will move from the oldest doorway of 1696, and it’s very simple construction, to more elaborate examples like a former dairy and a hidden vault; enabling you to trace the town’s social history. This has been a fascinating project to work on and I hope people will look afresh at Darien’s rich built environment, and the humble door.”